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The article discusses the decision made by Denny Hamlin and several other Toyota drivers to skip the last Daytona 500 practice session. Hamlin is the defending champion and a three-time winner of the event. However, the article notes that the final practice session is typically not crucial for experienced drivers like Hamlin, who are familiar with the track and their cars.

The article also reports that the decision to skip the practice was made in part due to the threat of rain, which could have disrupted the session anyway. Additionally, the article notes that Hamlin and other drivers may have wanted to preserve their cars and avoid any potential damage in the practice session.

The article provides some background on Hamlin’s career and his success at the Daytona 500. It also mentions some of the other Toyota drivers who chose to skip the practice session, including Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr.

Overall, the article provides a brief update on the status of the Daytona 500 practice sessions and some insight into the decision-making process of experienced drivers like Hamlin. While the decision to skip the practice session may seem surprising to some fans, the article suggests that it is a common strategy for experienced drivers looking to preserve their cars and prepare for the race in their own way.

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